It’s been nearly a year since the Brown family picked up and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. Kody Brown, the most vocal proponent of the move, seems to be settling in just fine, but there is one member of the plural family who is still struggling to find her footing. Kody’s first wife, Meri, took to Instagram to share an intense feeling of sadness with her fans. She noted that she seriously missed Las Vegas, and now fans are concerned about the 48-year-old business woman.

What prompted Meri’s Instagram post?

Yesterday I had this overwhelming emotion of missing Las Vegas, the place I called home for nearly 8 years. I mean, I was really really sad for not living there anymore. So much life…

— Meri Brown (@MeriBrown1) April 26, 2019

No one is sure what prompted Meri’s Instagram post, or precisely what in Flagstaff has her feeling down, but obviously something is going on with the mother of one. In her post, she told fans that not only was she feeling particularly sad about being in Flagstaff, but that she wasn’t entirely sure why. Meri noted the beauty of the city, but apparently, she just can’t force herself to be upbeat about it.

She went on to explain that she truly felt at home in Las
Vegas and missed the friends she made in the diverse city. Thankfully, the
reality TV star ended the post on a positive note. She said she was looking
forward to making new friends, exploring her new surroundings and enjoying the
natural beauty of the city, but that didn’t leave fans feeling any better. It’s
been nearly a full year, and it just doesn’t seem to be clicking for Meri.

Is Flagstaff the cause of Meri’s melancholy?

While Meri seems to think Flagstaff is to blame for her currently downtrodden mood, there’s plenty the polygamist has to be upset over. Between the move, fighting with her sister wives, the breakdown of her marriage and an empty nest a lot has changed for Meri over the last several years, and it seems like it’s finally getting to her.

Back in October 2018, In Touch questioned whether or not Meri was planning to leave her family behind after it was discovered she wasn’t following her sister wives on Instagram. Fans had been wondering the same thing for years. After the catfishing scheme and the desire to open a business entirely on her own, it looked like Meri had reached a breaking point, but if she really does have one foot out the door, she’s putting on a rather impressive show for the cameras.

Is Meri lying about her commitment to the Brown family?

There is no doubt that Meri was once head over heels in love with Kody Brown. Kody’s first wife chronicled their early love affair in the family’s tell-all book Becoming Sister Wives, but it seems that more than 20 years and three wives have helped to tarnish their once shiny marriage. Now, fans truly believe the owner of Lizzie Heritage Inn is merely biding her time until she can completely distance herself from the Browns.

So, what is the evidence? There is no evidence that is entirely overwhelming, but there are some clues that Meri isn’t entirely into the entire plural family thing anymore. First and foremost, Meri was interested in living in an apartment downtown, something that would allow her to mingle with the people of Flagstaff. Kody nixed the idea, but fans think Meri was hoping to forge friendships, so she didn’t have to rely on her family.

Fans also have questioned whether Lizzie Heritage Inn is Meri’s escape plan. The Bed and Breakfast located in Utah is in only Meri’s name, and she was adamant about the business being solely hers. She was so adamant that she happily raised the capital to buy the property herself to ensure Kody, Robyn, Christine, and Janelle had absolutely nothing to do with it.

A former family insider has also been spilling the tea on
the family, suggesting several times that Meri is only with the Brown’s when
the family is filming. Otherwise, things are cool and distant. Now that she’s
living several miles from the rest of the wives in a rental home, the
relationship might be cooling even more.

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