Say it as I dance
Say will you dance
Falling wonderful love
She says that`s enough
The plane is a bird
The final wish absurd
To fly on the wings I feel
Can make her so real
Then I`ll manage it
One thing of us is done
Burn little fire above it
Underneath it all
There`s a modern world
That`s all (old?)
The face talks down to the river
The special world of you
The mind all returns to the river
The same thing said to you
This gun is offed
His thought has gone
Good morning touch her
How time`s flow
And all signs of madness
Struck by sadness
Burn in a fire above my
Underneath it all
She complicates the river in us
Says to me
It`s time for all things
Just fly
(Is a mirror)
I`ve end in you
I`ve envied you
Everywhere I go
Doesn`t matter all
Pray your sun sets
And your sun`s rays
Say not a look
And bade, wait
The sun, our world
Say was it all
Say was it all
Guess I`ve needed you, you