So some say somehow
Who was high stays down
I don`t think you understand me
I don`t see your fault lies
I just wanna talk for now
And though the way I struggle
It grab and take hold of me
Always the one
And always enough to be
The ultrasound strike in the sea
Let me open
That I`ll crash sometime
I`m lucky for now
Stir me round
He`s spawned a war
So run from him
It`s something in his blood
It`s all because of a rushing heart
Of course, he`s made a plan
His sailor wants clear sky
Droop just now
Has the face of calm
And you`re on top of the world
The planet didn`t know
That Earth will forever be forgot
Until you dared know
Someone will win to better things
No one told me
I`m glad you`re told
I don`t strike alot
And say only
Your moment here
Is slowing up