Dozens have fallen but there’s still many to go
And one by one I know your colours will show
They’re shining straight through your transparent exteriors
It’s time to weed out these unwanted inferiors
And when you call regret that’s when i’ll know revenge
My horns they will show from the deep angers pent
Frustration my tool it’s now sharpened by hate
Venting no more, You I humiliate
The process of the discovery of truth
The process of the filtration of this filth
The process of the re-written rule
The process of elimination
Your bridge is now burnt and I’m holding the flame
No longer intending to carry your blame
The sorting of souls gone left in the lerch
I’m void of these feelings, these feelings of hurt
Because the shit on one’s shoe need no longer stick
Well under my carpet that’s where all you fuckers fit
The pile remaining stagnation breeds rot
Completing the process, the process of…
The process of the awakening of truth
The process of my freedom from your guilt
The process of my trials now end
The process of elimination