I fell to my knees,
Down in the mire,
I felt the heat,
My feet were in the fire,
I yelled “lord please!”
I stared to perspire,
The lord shook the trees,
And turned up the fire.
“i’m going to hell,
That’s what i’m told
No pearly gates
No streets of gold!”
I’ve worshipped wrong,
I’ve prayed to the wrong names,
Sung the wrong songs,
I’m going to feel flames.
The lord said:
What makes you think,
I care ’bout your words,
I see your deeds,
As i watch over my herds.
You fight all the details,
You kill each other in vain.
Cast out your own family,
In jesus’ name.
I should have paid more attention,
When they wrote that damn book.
Ya’ll get so confused,
When you take a look.
I can’t send man to hell,
For being dumber then dirt.
But i do judge if you mean well,
I judge you by who you hurt.