Melting in the heat
Beloved Succubus I lick your lips in fever dreams
Pandora sweet
Your hot flesh sucks on mine as I flow deep into thee
My bride in red
In lust our souls ablaze scream with the winds of hell
My high priestess of death
Drowned in the seed of doom you spread
You – my blessed grim reaper
Writhing in you brute embrace
You – you breathe miasma
I taste your kiss of pestilence
Pandora – glorious countess of plague and fevers
Tears darken my eyes
Dripping on you naked breast
You lick my flesh
Greying, decaying by your touch, my body wreck
Convulsive grasp
My flesh is stricken, shivers run across my skin
I face my death, rape my fading life
And ride my fevery soul through thunderstorms in Hades’ depths
You – you’re the flesh untamed
I – I face my death unchained