Ingrients & Directions

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over the top.

Remove wax paper strips by pulling each one out by a narrow end and
refrigerate cake for at least several hours to set the icing. Store in
refrigerator and serve cold.

1. If you use baking pan liner paper it must be buttered and flourd for
this recipe or the layers will stick to it.

2. This is a very firm cake; use a sharp heavy knife for serving.

3. Dobosh Torte may be made a day ahead, or it may be frozen.

4. Dobosh Torte is traditionally made with a layer of carmelized sugar on
top. I prefer it this way with icing on top- it is easier to prepare,
easier to serve, easier to eat, and, to my taste, more delicious.

NOTES : This frosting contains raw egg yolks!

12 Servings