Ingrients & Directions

1/2 Recipe Gingerbread Dough -for decoration
Paper for patterns 1 Green gumdrop
Corrugated cardboard 1 ts Unsweetened cocoa powder
Thin cardboard Green and red paste or
Masking tape -powder food coloring
3 Recipes Royal Frosting Small red-and-white
-If house will be eaten, -peppermint candy cane
-make frosting using Cotton batting, Christmas
-meringue powder. -tree light, artificial
2 10-oz packages shredded- -trees, coarse or kosher
-wheat biscuits -salt, confectioners’ sugar
Red and green gum bears

1. Prepare Gingerbread Dough following steps 1 and 2 of recipe. Divide
dough into 2 balls. Wrap and refrigerate at least 1 flour.

2. Make paper patterns by enlarging diagrams on this page to fit
1-inch squares. Trace each pattern onto a separate piece of paper;
label and cut.

3. From corrugated cardboard, cut out frame for gingerbread house:
For main house, draw and cut 2 front/back pieces (pattern 1), 2 sides
(pattern 2, cut out windows on one piece), 1 front roof (pattern 3),
and one 8-by 5 1/4-inch rectangle for back roof. For house wing, cut
out 2 front/back pieces (pattern 4),1 side piece (pattern 5), and two
5- by 4 1/4-inch rectangles for wing roof. For base, cut an 18-by
11-inch rectangle. If you wish to illuminate house, cut a 3-inch
square from center of base.

4. For chimney, from thin cardboard, cut 1 front (pattern 6), 1 back
(pattern 7), 2 sides (pattern 8), one 1 1/2-inch square for main
chimney top, four 2-by 1-inch rectangles for chimney extension and
one 1-inch square for chimney extension top. From thin cardboard,
draw and cut a 3- by 2 1/2-inch rectangle for side-window overhang.

5. To assemble cardboard frame: On main-house side with windows, make
a 3-inch-long horizontal cut 1 1/2-inches above bottom window. Push
thin card-board side-window overhang through cut so that 1/2 inch of
cardboard goes inside. Turn cardboard down and tape to inside of
house. Lay side piece, outside up, on a flat surface. Place
main-house front (turn piece so window is at left side) to the right
of side piece and main-house back next to left side (turn piece so
window is at right). If you wish to illuminate house, cut a 4-inch
square from center bottom of remaining side piece. Place piece next
to right side of front. Tape all pieces together. Set up to form a
box. Tape remaining edges to- gether. Tape main-house roof front onto
house with front-door overhang to the right. Tape roof back to house
and to roof front. Repeat to assemble cardboard wing frame. Tape wing
to windowless side of main house about 1 inch from front comer.

6. Lay chimney front on flat surface. Lay a chimney side piece on
each side of front with longest edge next to front; place back next
to one side. Tape pieces together; set up to form a box. Tape
remaining edge. Tape 1 1/2-inch square onto straight end of chimney
for top. Tape chimney to roof just to the left of the front-door
overhang. For chimney extension, tape the 2-inch sides of the 4
rectangles together to form a box. Tape 1-inch square onto one end;
set aside.

7. Cut seven 3-inch squares of plastic wrap; tape one over outside of
each window. Country Living/Dec/91 Scanned & fixed by DP and GG

1 house