Ingrients & Directions

See part 1

Lightly flour the work surface and dough and shape the dough into a square,
by pressing the sides against the work surface. Roll the dough to a 9 by
12-inch rectangle. Cut the dough the short way into 24 strips, each
1/2-inch wide and 9 inches long. Arrange 12 of the strips, 1/4 inch apart,
on a floured cookie sheet or the floured back of a jelly-roll pan. Position
the pan so that the strips are facing vertically to you. Beginning with the
first strip of dough on your left, fold every other strip in half, back
toward you. Place one of the reserved 12 strips of dough horizontally
across the unfolded strips, just above the fold of the other strips, as in
the illustration. Unfold the strips away from you, back to their original
position, over the horizontal strip. Now begin with the second vertical
strip from your left and fold back every other strip again. Insert another
horizontal strip and unfold the vertical strips. Repeat steps 5 through 9
twice more until you have inserted 6 horizontal strips to the top of the
pan. Turn the pan 180

degrees and repeat the process, beginning with the first vertical strip,
and inserting 6 more horizontal strips of dough, that is steps 5 through 9,
three more times. Gently press the top of the lattice to make the strips
stick together slightly, and refrigerate the lattice until firm, which will
make it easier to slide onto the pie.

1 Servings