It is easy to be distracted by the hulking physiques of people who have been doing the routines for years, and to want to match up with what they are doing. Unless, however, you want to spend more time recovering than exercising, it is important to ignore what anyone else is doing and get on with designing your own routine, one you can stick to and which gives you pronounced results. It may not match up with what the experts are doing, but they’ve got a head start on you. Concentrate on what you have to do and you’ll be in good shape.

The word “building” is quite appropriate. When it comes to getting into the condition you want, it is not something that happens overnight. You need to lay down foundations on which to improve. If your muscles are flabby or non-existent, there is no way that you can just do a bit of work to get them into the shape that the professionals have. You will need to get them into decent shape first before aiming any higher. As long as you pay attention to this, then you will be fine.

To really do it right, it is important to take account of the long-term nature of a body building regime. Starting off with light training to achieve condition, then adding steadily until you are in the shape that you have coveted for some time, it will always be a long game. But it will be better for you, and you will not have to worry about picking up long-term injuries.